Combining all the elements of the Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping packages, the Ultimate Styling Experience will help you create the ultimate wardrobe, giving you the confidence and knowledge to look and feel great every day.

The Ultimate Styling Experience is designed to help you say good bye to any unwanted, outdated items, and say hello to fresh new styles! You will gain a clear understanding of your own style and goals at Wardrobe Makeover while discovering new ways to wear your current wardrobe.

It also includes wardrobe integration for a complete understanding of how to match items and your very own Look Book with all the looks we have created for you. We will show you how to integrate your new pieces purchased from the Personal Shopping trip to build you a stunning collection of outfits for almost any occasion.

What’s included…

  • You’ll be asked to complete a style questionnaire and to send us photos of yourself, so we can plan and prepare a look that is unique to you
  • 15 mins style consultation


  • We will come to your place and review your wardrobe with you
  • We will explore new ways to style your wardrobe items to create various looks that will save you time, money and hassle
  • Learn how to create looks to suit your lifestyle, body shape and skin colour
  • Learn how to accessorise your outfits in a stylish minimal way
  • Discard clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t align with your goals or help your style
  • Discover the missing versatile pieces that will ultimately enhance your wardrobe and style
  • Have your wardrobe organised in a more stylish, neat and practical way



  • Learn loads of styling tips along the way, as well as being introduced to new labels and stores that work within your budget and are perfect for your shape
  • Discover new style options and the best versatile pieces to mix and match for your personal style and lifestyle
  • An experience tailored to your individual needs
  • We will take photos as we go, so you can remember your stylish new looks



  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your individual style
  • Learn how to style your new pieces in with your existing wardrobe pieces
  • Learn how to accessorise you new outfits
  • Learn how to style outfits for all areas of your lifestyle
  • Gain confidence from your new defined style!



$899 (7+ Hours of styling services in total)


Q. How do the packages sessions work? Will all sessions be carried out on the same day?

A- The style consultation and Wardrobe Makeover is generally carried out on the same day at your place. I recommend the following Personal Shopping trip be carried out in 1 week’s time, and the last Wardrobe Integration be carried out in 2 weeks’ time, ie. 1 week after the Personal Shopping trip.

Q. Where are the Personal Shopping trips held?

The Personal Shopping trips are normally held at Sydney Westfield, Bondi Junction Westfield & Surrounding Shops, Chatswood Chase & Westfield, Macquarie Centre, Parramatta Westfield, and Paddington.

Q. Is the shopping budget included in the total package amount?

A- No, the package amount is purely the service fees for the complete hours of the styling experience. Shopping budget is additional.

Q. How much should I need for the shopping experience?

A- I cater to all budgets, the lowest budget I’ve worked with is $250 and the average budget my clients usually spend is between $800-$3000.

Q. How many items would I be able to get in a 3-hour shopping experience?

I generally aim to get you between 10-20 items within a 3 hour shop and can add more/less depending on budget and other requirements.

Q. If I’m trying on all of the pieces in different shops how do I remember which piece to buy?

A- I like to take shots of each outfit or piece on you with either your phone (or mine) and I keep track of the prices so that at the end of the shop, we can sit down and go through the images and sort out which of the items are ultimately the best value for your wardrobe and lifestyle to purchase.

Q. Do you make money/commission off what I purchase in the stores you take me to?

A- Absolutely not. I am independent from any retail shops and provide only professional personal styling advice.

Q. Do you incur travel fees when you come to my house if I live far from the city? 

A- Yes if you live beyond 25kms radius of Sydney CBD, a travel fee applies.

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