Myrtle Lane Style is born to address the growing need of styling and photography. We are passionate about delivering beautiful photographs, it’s not just about the end result, but the experience – and we want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you. We are genuinely interested in creating a connection with you, making you feel comfortable with us and providing you with images that make you feel great about yourself.  

We understand branding and marketing, and we love creating great content. Our team work collaboratively to deliver photographic content that stand out from the rest and cut through the noise. Our aim is to provide you a one stop shop of styling and photography, and deliver content that resonates with your audience.


Cecilia Huang

Founder, Head Photographer and Stylist of Myrtle Lane Style, Cecilia is based on the lower north shore of Sydney, Australia. Cecilia had worked with a number of bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs and provide them fashion styling, personal brand consulting and photography services to create content for their profiles and websites, the feedback received from the clients and their followers are all positive.

Cecilia has had a passion and eye for fashion for as long as can be remembered. As a graduate of the Personal Styling, Stylist Masters and Advanced Styling Certification Courses at The Professional Styling Academy, Cecilia’s intensive training in colour and style identity make her a stylist with a difference. Unable to resist her love of camera and photo, Cecilia decided to team her incredible visual eye in styling with photography.

As a self-educated photographer, Cecilia is inspired by the power of a photograph as not just a static image, but a personal connection. Her cameras of choice are Canon’s best available digital SLR bodies and lenses. Whilst she keeps retouching to a minimum, the textures and beautiful tones which can be achieved through contemporary processing techniques also play a part in the final outcome of her images.