6 Summer to Autumn Trans-seasonal Trends & How To Style

It’s that time of the year again that there is dramatic temperature change between day and night, moist in the air are gone all a sudden and I start getting my chap lips (sigh…) It’s a sign of the arrival of Autumn, though I can still comfortably dressing in my summer outfits and soak up some sun while walking on the street.

February to March – The Trans-seasonal months can be confusing when it comes to outfit choice, there are 6 trends that I think will definitely be your go-to guide, some trends have come back over and over again in the last few years, like the pleated midi skirt, some trends will even stay for the winter months, like a fitted trench jacket.

Trend #1 Velvet Skirt


The No. 1 trend has to be the velvet skirt, this year, many brands have taken it to the next level, adding a pleated organza overlay. It’s light-weight and flowy, it’s a chic look for the trans-seasonal months, and it will keep you warm in the winter, just add a pair of stockings.

Style tips: Purple, Magenta or Lilac are the colours to look for.

Trend #2 Pearls


Pearls had been in trend in the last few seasons, I’m not surprised it comes back again. Pearls on the organza overlay makes a plain black midi skirt look very chic. If this is not your favourite, look out for items like black top with scallop sleeves.

Style tips: wear pearls only as a top or a bottom, don’t wear from top to bottom!


Trend #3 Off-Shoulder


Trend No. 3 is off-should tops, you may have seen many of these in Summer and wonder why I predict that as a trend, did you notice they have been re-designed into asymmetrical with only one side that’s off shoulder? They will definitely give you some warmth if there is a sudden cool change during the day.

Style tips: You can’t go wrong with a flowy skirt. Print? Either floral and plain colour goes well with it, your choice.


Trend #4 Roomy/Bishop Sleeves


Lately in shops, I see many of the traditional Bishop sleeves blouses with a difference. They are less structured, and you have the choice of button on or off, you can even roll up the sleeves and create a whole new look.

Style tips: These blouses are best with legging jeans or tailor pants depends on the day of the week.

Trend #5 Trench Jacket


I think the trench jacket has been in trend for at least 2 decades, the dominant brand, as for the trench coat, is no doubt Burberry. It’s a designer brand so their jackets require a little bit more investment, but the style and the durability definitely worth more than what you see on the price tag.

Style tips: it goes well with anything!

Trend #6 Booties


Some bloggers and influencers predicted that booties will be phased out and actually they have been discontinued, and replaced by ankle boots by some brands. But for me, and someone like me that the bottom half of the body is shorter than the top half, ankle boots actually make me look shorter. Booties are cute and versatile, and easy to walk in them.

Style tips: booties are being phased out, so good luck finding a pair. They really go well with both casual and formal outfits.



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