5 Useful Tips to Photograph Corporate Events

In this blog post, I will share my top 5 tips of photographing corporate events. As a marketing manager, I’m an all rounder for event management including planning, promotion, venue set up, greeting and networking with guests, and sometimes due to limited budget or resource, I will also photograph the actual event.

Over the time I’ve developed the skills to capture the best moments at these events, bear in mind I also have the above mentioned responsibilities at the same time. I’m happy to share the 5 most useful techniques, read on to learn as you’ll have one more skill to add on to your resume, these tips are also useful to photograph weddings as a guest.

1. Photograph as many details as possible before the event starts.  Take some close-up photos of the menu, table set up, name badges/place cards, and every corner of the venue. These photos will set the scene and give a very good recap of the event.




2. Kindly ask your hosts and guests to face the camera and photograph them. Build the rapport, and don’t be afraid to interrupt a conversation, ask them to turn to your camera, pose them into a good composition, and of course “smile!”. And don’t forget to check the photo before you let them go, it’s not uncommon to see someone’s eyes closed.






3. Take close-up photos of your hosts. They are your heroes, so they deserve more good shots than the others. Try photograph from every possible stand point, from in front of the audience (but don’t block their view), to the side of the room, to the back of room. It will be handy if you have a zoom lens which give you much flexibility to walk around and zoom in and out.





4. Photograph guests’ reaction and interaction. These shots will become highlight of the event, for example, these photos demonstrate a highly engaged audience who pay close attention to the presentation.





5. Don’t forget about the delicious food! These photos don’t just bring back memories, they also showcase your photography skills – food photography is in high demand.






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