Joe · Van

“No body could define you unless you let them” — Joe · Van

On my recent trip to Guangzhou, China, I caught up with a high school friend, now fashion designer Xiao Sen and her sister, fashion stylist, Vega. I dropped by their boutique shop Joe · Van for the first time, and was obsessed with the clothing and accessories collection immediately. I got to know about the boutique through social media – WeChat, I actually become their customer even before I visited the boutique, I purchased Xiao Sen’s design a few times and got them mailed over to Australia. I absolutely adore Xiao Sen’s and other independent designers’ collection at Joe · Van, so I asked the sisters to be featured in my blog.  IMG_5864.jpgZhou Xiao Sen

IMG_5917.jpgVega (left) and Xiao Sen (Right)











Joe · Van boutique address including custom made clothing enquiries: No. 2, Hua Le Lu, Guangzhou, China

Tel: +86 138 2441 4211

WeChat: JOEVAN2015

Weibo: @JOE_VAN

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